Mortgage Affiliates of America, Inc. is a privately held corporation that was initially named Mortgage Affiliates of Connecticut when it was started in 1993. The company was formed to assist borrowers to connect with Lenders. Our function remains exactly the same today.

    Mortgage Affiliates of America, Inc. has expanded physically into operating in New York and Florida in addition to Connecticut. We focus on Mortgage lending only, this allows our entire model, which includes vendor management, sales, pricing, process flow etc, to be all about Mortgages.

    Our Business model is designed in a manner that promotes fairness, honesty and results that are in the best interest of the customer. Our team includes some of the most experienced loan officers in the business and our president is a Proud Graduate of the Ancell School of Business located in the same town as our Corporate Headquarters, located in Danbury, Ct.
    In this ever changing and difficult economy, Mortgage Affiliates recognizes the necessity of our services to find our customers the best fit for them and then assist in jumping through the hoops with them.