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Dear Brandon
I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. My sons and I are doing well in the midst of the pandemic. I know I said thanks for the great job you did in getting me into a home and your ears might be ringing because I sing your praises as often as I can. You have no idea how great a job you did. When I chose you to be my mortgage broker it was from a shortlist with one other person and although I knew none of you, my spirit led me to choose you. I chose an angel. You demonstrated knowledge, calm integrity, and respect and reassured me even when I doubted the process because I did not have a strong credit score and my deposit was small. You chose the right time to run my credit and submit documents to the right bank, got me credit on my closing cost, and made me so shocked at closing that I almost fell off the chair when they gave me a check. I know no one else would have done that and hence I wouldn’t get the mortgage. Every time I come home from work or elsewhere to my spacious beautiful home I realize that God took care of me by using you as an angel.
Thank you. I hope you will share this testimonial with your client to give them reassurance that they choose a great guy. God bless you as you continue to do good for others.
Joan S

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